Reviews: 109 Rating: 9.9/10
Costa Rica – Testimonials

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to. I have fallen in love with everything about the country and I feel like I have been given an amazing opportunity that many people never get to experience in their lifetime.
Monica LaHaye, UC Santa Barbara

As a researcher for two weeks in the Monteverde National Cloud Forest Preserve, I witnessed a behind the scenes view of a truly wonderful place. When I saw a quetzal, a bird unique to Monteverde, on my left and spider monkeys on my right, I knew that the next two weeks of research work would be unbelievable.
Tamara Froebel, Boston University

It was an excellent way to tour the country. It was the perfect mixture of learning and adventurous activities. Thrilling.
Emily Cory, University of Arizona

You gain an experience in living that you couldn’t possibly learn about from any book. The experience changes who you are & who you want to be.
Shanez Sinnathamby, University of Melbourne

My two weeks in San Marcos were wonderful. The adventure tour was awesome. I would definitely recommend the trip to others. I enjoyed myself immensely, and couldn’t thank ISV enough for making it all possible. ¡PURA VIDA!
Audra Flanders, University of Florida

One of the most rewarding & most of all fun experiences of my life. Would gladly come back next year & do it all over again.
Anjali Goundar, University of Melbourne

Costa Rica left me with an unforgettable impression about life that I will never forget. This trip made me see what is really important to me, and what’s not that I previously felt was important. If I had this experience to do over again I wouldn’t change a thing.
Peter Sawtell, University of Washington

The personal lessons that I have learned remain the most valuable to me. I have learned to be more grateful for what I have, to be more open and welcoming with others, to be more respectful of mother nature and all her beauty, and the list goes on and on. I not only feel like I have come back as a changed woman, but as an overall better person as well.
Jackie Lord, UC Irvine

A real life changing experience. Will always remember it. I’m going home to tell everyone they missed out for not doing it. I feel really privileged to have been involved in such a great organization.
David McGavin, University of Queensland

Spending one month in Costa Rica was a culture shock and so far the greatest experience I have ever taken on. Working on the conservation project as well as absorbing the intense cultural experience really changed my perspective of life. These four weeks challenged me and gave me a deeper understanding of the world outside the United States.
Rachel Archer, Indiana University

An absolutely amazing tour that was worth every penny. This experience taught me so much. ISV did an amazing job in creating a smooth, well run trip.
Chelsea Trinka, University of Colorado

I feel this experience has opened my eyes more than anything has ever in the past. I came home with a different outlook on life and how to treat people. My live has slowed down a little and I have learned to just take my time and take as much in as I can. Now I can only look back at what I have done and it hurts to know that it is over because I still think that my spirit is still floating around somewhere in Costa Rica.
Curtis Gude, University of Nebraska

I have traveled to many places, but I have never learned as much as I learned in Costa Rica. It is truly an incredible place, full of natural wonders, and it was a truly amazing trip.
David Merrill, University of Oregon

I knew I would be a changed person having come to Costa Rica, but the things I have learnt and seen will forever affect my views and my actions towards others.
Maria Hach, Monash University

My summer in Costa Rica was the best experience of my life. I feel like I am a new person. I am educated and aware and I finally feel passionate about something. I am so inspired and want to help in any way that I can. Thank you so much for this opportunity.
Robin Wilkey, CSU Long Beach

I would not have traded this experience for anything. I grew not only as a person, but I contributed to those in need and that is truly what life is all about.
Allyson Nichols, University of Georgia

My experiences in Garabito were ones of immeasurable value. I learned so much from my family and fellow workers in Garabito. We may have helped them to build their churches and dig their ditches, but our culture could learn from their community!
Christa Isaf, Miami University of Ohio

I deeply enjoyed my experience in Costa Rica. The experiences I had and the friendships I made have greatly enriched my life. Being in a different country and experiencing different ideas about preserving the environment and about life in general, changed my perspectives permanently. I will never forget this trip.
Jana Desadier, Louisiana State

My trip to Costa Rica changed my life. I discovered my ability to make a difference. The rewards of the hard work done in my work project in Quebrada Grande were priceless. I am a different person, a stronger person, a more understanding and open person, a more conscientious person because of my experience in Costa Rica with ISV.
Nicole Collier, UC Santa Barbara

I am officially one of “those,” a person who visited paradise and will never be the same. My experiences in Costa Rica were well beyond that which I had anticipated, and these experiences have truly had a beneficial impact upon me and my future aspirations.
Jana Johanssen, University of Colorado

Absolutely amazing. Life changing.
Tabitha Kuypers, Macquarie University

I find myself at a loss for words when trying to describe an experience that I feel truly left a visible impact on me. After spending four weeks in Costa Rica, first performing service for a community and then later traveling around to discover the true beauty that this country embodies, I feel that I have accomplished more in a wealth of lessons, experiences, and friendships than some can say they have accomplished in a lifetime.
Illana Hearshen, University of Michigan

It was amazing!! This whole trip has been so memorable. I really did not want to go home. I will give my highest recommendations to anyone considering this trip!!
Lauren Thomson, University of Washington

These experiences and recollections can never be taken away from us. They will forever be imbedded into our memory and we will all remember the summer we spent a month in Costa Rica. The one thing that I will most likely take away from this trip with me is the life lesson I learned from the locals.
Jen Buda, UC Irvine

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life! Thank you so much for the action -packed adventure tour. Everything was incredible.
Julie Marciniak, San Diego State University

Totally awesome dude! It definitely got the adrenaline flowing through my veins & helped to conquer some of my fears. It also made me more aware of conservation tactics and ways for me to help out.
Mariah Raade, University of Wisconsin – Madison

An opportunity to actively become involved in the lives of people you are helping is something you can not pay for. I measure wealth in terms of experience and cultural enlightenment. I have left my volunteer project a very wealthy person.
Zoe Riddoch, Monash University

10 – I was impressed with every part of the adventure tour. It was diverse and exciting and at the same time, a great learning experience.
Lindsey Westerberg, USC

FANTABULOUS, White water rafting and sky trekking-nothing is better. This was the best. I’m gonna spread the word. I want everyone to experience this.
Ashley Dennis, Boston University

I felt like I really got a good taste of many great places in Costa Rica and I did some great activities.
Katie Wachtel, Penn State

The places we stayed were amazing and the people I was with were even better! I would do it all over in a heartbeat!
Jenny Cortez, UNC-Chapel Hill

I enjoyed this trip more than I could have imagined. I have grown so much as a result of the experience I had. I highly recommend this to anyone who has the opportunity to go.
Sundra Essien, University of Texas at Austin

I had a great time and I felt that I made my trip fulfilling by joining in all of the activities. I have never seen and been in a rainforest which was an experience of a lifetime.
Lauren Garner, San Jose State University

It was really good. I loved the activities. It was amazing, once in a lifetime experience.
Loraine Soloman, University of Central Florida

This was the best experience I’ve ever had! It was unique, thrilling and amazing because it involved experiencing the culture and the environment of Costa Rica from a different and insightful perspective. This is a highly rewarding, thought provoking journey that should be taken up by anyone and everyone! The variety of experiences that were made were incredible and I would recommend this to anyone. I had a BLAST!
Miguel Rivera, University New South Wales

I had the best time ever! There was no activity I didn’t enjoy! The project staff was so awesome and enthusiastic. Everything was very well organized! Overall, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had.
Brooke Cornwell, University of Georgia

This trip was fantastic! I had SO MUCH FUN! Overall, very special time!
Dustin Wendling, Red Rocks Community College

My adventure tour went perfectly. The leaders were great, the activities were amazing and I absolutely loved it. I had a great time and would do it again tomorrow.
Shannon Freitag, University of Minnesota

It was a most beautiful experience, being immersed in a small Costa Rican community. I now appreciate life so much more and have a renewed and much wider perspective on how I want to live my own.
Bridget Rothwell, Macquarie University

This has been the best experience of my life! The relationships with the people are amazing. I will cherish this opportunity forever.
Sarah Ross, Queensland University of Technology

It was intense and incredible! I never knew I’d learn as much in the second two weeks as in the first. Thanks You!
Lauren Forest , UC Davis

Volunteering with ISV and Habitat has provided me with the greatest opportunity & and an incredibly wonderful experience that has changed my life & touched my heart. I will remember this experience for the rest of my life. It’s the best decision I have ever made.
Natalie West, University of Technology Sydney

The overall experience was awesome. I loved the activities we did and the communities and places we visited.
Casey Calder, University of Arkansas