In every Latin country, ISV offers an incredible Spanish Languge and Cultural Immersion Program that takes place one-week prior to the Volunteer Project.

Five Reasons Why You Should Join the Spanish Language and Cultural Immersion Program:

1. Improve your Spanish Speaking Skills!

Fun and professional language lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced-level proficiencies in Spanish are facilitated by our partner Spanish School in Santiago (ALPI), which has over 12 years of experience. By the time you reach your volunteer project, your confidence and ability to converse with the locals will have improved significantly!

2. Stay with a Host Family!

The highlight for most participants is the home stay. Families are experienced, carefully selected for ISV, warm and friendly. Homes are safe and comfortable and located nearby to the Spanish School.

3. Learn to Live Like a Dominican!

Staying with a local family, discovering Santiago’s attractions, socializing with your fellow ISV volunteers plus included Bachata, merengue and cooking lessons with give you a great start to learning to live like a Dominican, even before your ISV volunteer project begins!

4. Make New Friends!

Start the process of making long-lasting ISV friends sooner by sharing this one week experience together. By the time your Volunteer Project begins you’ll already have made close friends and loads of good times together in Santiago.

5. High Approval Rating!

It’s consistently awesome – each year ISV alumni rate the Program an incredible 4.8/5 for the overall experience! We’ve got thousands of positive testimonies.